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A variety of options designed to help you develop a healthier relationship to food, your body, your career, or your active lifestyle. This survey is short and sweet!
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Do you want to join a private virtual community of dietitians (and RD2Be) learning and embracing the Anti-Diet approach to their dietetic practices/careers?

Membership fee: Free for the first month, $15 per month thereafter.
Do you want to join a private virtual community with fellow active women interested in nutrition, fertility health, and/or ED recovery? *

Membership fee: $15 per month, which may be applied as a discount to your *first* 1:1 coaching service or session package.
Are you interested in a virtual group coaching experience, such as a small course that focuses on Intuitive Eating, ED recovery, or Anti-Diet Nutrition? *

Based on interest, I have a few courses in development. Price will range for each, between $25-50.
OK, we can make that happen! Which topics are of interest to you for a group/community coaching experience?

If there's anything else you're interested in, that would help you connect with a virtual support village, or me as your dietitian, please leave your thoughts here. I'm open to ideas that will help me help you!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and needs, {{answer_UL27shTZupQi}}! 
If you opted in to a community or virtual course, I'll be in touch soon with additional details. 
If you ever want or need to schedule a 1:1 mentoring or nutrition coaching session, visit to do so! 
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